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Best Mechanical Keyboard O Rings

Top Five Best Mechanical Keyboard O-Rings

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage, both in the world of gaming and in the world of typists who like to get a little more out of their keyboarding experiences. A backlit mechanical keyboard doesn’t come without any required maintenance, however; you’ll have to know how to keep your machine running well for both the […]

Key Commands

10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Not Know About

Most master computer users know the essential keyboard shortcuts, like holding Control (Ctrl) + P on a PC to print a report. But did you recognize there are lots of different uses, not to mention pretty darn great key keys out there? From directly zooming in to a much bigger scene to instantly closing your […]

Tomoko Budge Mechanical Keyboard

87 Key TOMOKO Mechanical Keyboard

This affordable mechanical keyboard is the ideal gaming keyboard with a water-resistant membrane to protect it from even the worst of spills! The Tomoko keyboard also comes with Blue Switch and Anti-ghosting keys. Bottom line, you’re going to love this keyboard. FEATURED PRODUCT: Tomoko 87 Key  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Shop Online:   Featuring the N-Key […]

Cheap Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

The Overall Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard for Cheap

I know you want to jump right to the best backlit mechanical keyboard, but let’s take a second and consider a situation. You’re playing your favorite FPS game on your brand new gaming computer. You purchased an insanely fast computer tower, a stunningly beautiful computer monitor, and a super quick gaming mouse. You feel like […]

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Your Guide to Buying the Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

PC gaming has become more and more popular and this year it’s not just about the games but it’s now all about the hardware! And aside from fancy gaming screens, cool gaming mice, headsets and more, a player’s gaming keyboard should be durable, efficient and can withstand rigorous use too. Mechanical gaming keyboards have become […]

Best Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

Top 5 Best Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

As any gamer or constant computer user knows, a keyboard shouldn’t be underestimated. When you’re considering a setup for gaming, for instance, it’s likely that your mind jumps to a computer tower and monitor first. In reality, a solid mechanical keyboard is as important, if not more important. A great mechanical keyboard can influence your […]