The Overall Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard for Cheap

Cheap Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
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The Overall Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard for Cheap

I know you want to jump right to the best backlit mechanical keyboard, but let’s take a second and consider a situation. You’re playing your favorite FPS game on your brand new gaming computer. You purchased an insanely fast computer tower, a stunningly beautiful computer monitor, and a super quick gaming mouse. You feel like you have everything you need to game well and game for a long period of time. You didn’t think about how a keyboard can impact your gaming experience, however, and as you continue to play the shooter, other players continually seem to outpace and outwit you. If you’re feeling out of tune with the game you’re playing, odds are that you could use a keyboard upgrade. Finding the right mechanical keyboard for gaming isn’t an easy task, however; there are a lot of different factors and brands to consider!

A lot of variables can go into making the right keyboard purchase. When it comes to a keyboard for gaming, you’ll want to start with a backlit mechanical keyboard. These types of keyboards are usually designed solely for gaming and provide a convenient and aesthetically pleasing backlight, which illuminates all or most of the keyboard. This light can serve to tactically enhance your gaming experience and allow you to play in conditions where lighting isn’t ideal. Beyond lighting, however, there are many other factors that you’ll want to consider upon purchasing a backlit mechanical keyboard for gaming. Let’s take a look at a few different things to consider upon deciding which backlit mechanical keyboard is the best keyboard for you!

How We Found The Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Backlit Keyboard Brightness

Number of USB and Other Ports

The number of USB ports and other ports can hugely impact your ability to experience a fluid gaming session. For instance, you’ll want multiple USB ports to plug in memory sticks, headsets, and other external devices for whatever purposes you need. Outside of gaming, additional USB ports can also come in extremely handy. It’s always nice to be able to charge your phone while you’re playing your favorite game!

Backlight Customization

We touched on this above, for a brief second. The backlight of most mechanical gaming keyboards serves to illuminate keys for an aesthetically pleasing effect. The backlight can, however, be utilized in some keyboards for tactical advantages. For example, many backlit mechanical keyboards often feature customizable key groupings, which usually are grouped based on the way the keys are individually lit. These groupings can serve to be tactically advantageous in whatever game you wish to play; never lose track of which key you need when you start your games! This is how backlight can provide users of gaming keyboards a competitive edge!

Ease of Software Installation and Use

If you purchase a great backlit mechanical keyboard, odds are that it’ll come with some type of software to install, or drivers to download and install. This is unavoidable with many of the top brands. Inevitably, the faster you’re able to install all of the necessary software and use your keyboard, the better. Do your research; find keyboards that don’t require an absurd amount of installation steps and processes!

If you purchase a great backlit mechanical keyboard, odds are that it’ll come with some type of software to install, or drivers to download and install. This is unavoidable with many of the top brands. Inevitably, the faster you’re able to install all of the necessary software and use your keyboard, the better. Do your research; find keyboards that don’t require an absurd amount of installation steps and processes!

Type of Switch

All keyboards, regardless of whether they’re mechanical or not, are equipped with a form of switch. This switch controls the mechanism that powers the reaction of your fingers pressing down on keys. Certain switches provide varying degrees of feedback. Often times, backlit mechanical keyboard brands will provide switch options upon buying. Switches can vary based on the sound, feedback, and feel. Whether you’re gaming or not, your desired switch type will often depend on personal preference/experience.

Uses Outside of Gaming

Believe it or not, it can be valuable to have a keyboard for both gaming and professional/office use. With this being said, many gaming keyboards or designed to be just that – you won’t get a lot of features that are thought to be “common” features of traditional keyboards. Some keyboards, for instance, are developed without number pads. This is primarily to make room for keys serving gaming functions. You’ll want to keep your planned use of the keyboard in mind, while you’re deciding which one to buy!

Size of Keys

The size of the keys can play a somewhat decisive factor in a buying decision. Not all keyboards are created equal – Many will have differing sizes of keys such as space bars, shift keys, and number keys. It might benefit to source your desired keyboard from a shop that allows you to try it before you buy it!

Material of Keyboard

The material of the keyboard and keys can differ based on the company, durability, and price. Ideally, you’ll want a keyboard with a steel body and keys that have tactile material built into the top of them.

Ergonomic Accessories

Some keyboards come with accessories that make typing comfortable and healthier. For instance, it’s common for gaming keyboards to come with a detachable wrist rest. Some keyboards have features such as this and some don’t.


This is probably the most important thing to consider, seeing as the keyboard you use will be the most responsive to your comfort and specifications. It’s important, with any form of electronics, to make sure some form of warranty is available. Beyond simply covering technical malfunctions, warranties can also cover incidents such as DOA’s and shipping damages. With any fragile electronic gadget, both of these incidents are relatively common.

You’ve read what you need to know before choosing a keyboard, now let’s take a look at our picks for the top ten backlight mechanical keyboards! The top products will, in some way, shape, or form, have a positive aspect of all of the aforementioned attributes. We’ll comprehensively analyze each of our top ten picks, and then we’ll decide which keyboard out of the ten is the best backlight mechanical keyboard! Get ready for some thorough but informative reviews!

10 Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboards 2018

Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cherry MX Red (CH-9000063-NA)

Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX Silent Mechanical Keyboard Backlit Red LED Cherry MX

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Overview – This Corsair Vengeance backlit mechanical keyboard is designed with everything a gamer could ask for from a mechanical keyboard. Outfitted with precise key rollover, amazing backlight, and excellent key switches, the Corsair Vengeance K70 has something to offer for every gamer out there. Let’s take a look at a breakdown of its features!

Backlight Customization – 5/5 – The backlight customization of the Corsair K70 is supremely simple, to say the least. It’s programmed on a button to button basis which makes it easy to view and customize. You can program keys or groups of keys to be lit in a way that signifies their use or uses! It’s a great feature of a great keyboard.

Accessories – 3/5 – The Corsair Vengeance K70 has a detachable wrist rest that comes with the keyboard. Corsair certainly has the livelihood of its gamers in mind when it develops their products! With this being said, the wrist rest is rather flimsy. Although the keyboard itself is quite durable, the wrist rest feels like it may snap off, if setup the wrong way.

Plug-ins/Ports – 2/5 – There’s only one USB plug-in, and it’s not so easy to find. Although most gamers might plug their extras in on their tower or laptop, one USB port doesn’t cut it! It’s also difficult to find. It’s flush with the side of the keyboard.

Versatility – 5/5 – You can use this keyboard to perform any task. It’s equipped with a full range of keys, symbols, and a number pad. The keyboard was built for gamers, but it’s not limited to use by only gamers!

Material/Durability – 4/5 – The Corsair Vengeance K70 is an exceptionally durable keyboard. It’s made from aluminum. Aluminum construction is advantageous since it’s both lightweight and durable. The only reason this aspect is rated 4/5 is because of the wrist rest, which was mentioned earlier.

Switch – 4/5 – The Cherry MX Red switches on this Corsair keyboard are accurate, powerful, and great-sounding. The only downside is that they’re a little loud.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate – Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

10 Key Rollover

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Overview – A versatile and powerful backlit mechanical keyboard, the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate is designed to be the ultimate tool for gaming. At a glance, the stupendous list of features includes insanely easy-to-use backlight customization, a billion different switch options to consider upon purchase, easy installation, and crazy durability. You won’t every want to stop typing on this keyboard. Let’s take a closer look at some of its primary features!

Backlight Customization – 5/5 – Extremely customizable and extremely appealing, the backlight customization is flawless with the Razer Blackwidow gaming keyboard. Keyboards like this are designed to give gamers a truly competitive edge while they’re playing games. It’s hard to pass on a keyboard that allows you to map out specific commands and button functions!

Accessories – 0/5 – Nothing to talk about here, since nothing is included with this backlit mechanical keyboard, except for the keyboard itself. You might want to consider purchasing a wrist rest!

Plug-ins/Ports – 5/5 – This razer keyboard has a wide variety of ports that truly make it formidable. On top of the basic USB 3.0, an audio out jack and microphone jack are also present. You’ll be able to play your games or run other types of programs that might require the use of a supplemental accessory such as a microphone.

Versatility – 5/5 – Whether you’re doing schoolwork or gaming into the wee hours of the morning, the responsive feel and smooth design of this keyboard will make it fun to type on. It’ll handle any type of work you need. There are also additional media control buttons, which are handy additions to any gamer’s keyboard.

Material/Durability – 4/5 – The steel construction of this keyboard will provide years of hardy use. Expect no less than 60 million keystrokes! In addition to the durability, there’s also an option to buy a two year extended warranty upon purchase of this Razer keyboard.

Switch – N/A – Not much to talk about here. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of switch types upon purchasing the Razer Blackwidow keyboard. Whether you want a clunky or smooth feeling hit, there’s certainly an option for you!

Azio Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (MGK1-K)

Azio Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard MGK1 K

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Overview – The Azio MGK1-K is an impressive keyboard. If we were going by looks, this keyboard would be the winner. As far technology goes, it’s still quite the keyboard. It’s durable, being built out of black anodized aluminum. It also features a sharp black wrist rest, which is detachable. The keys are designed in a way that makes them stand tall and broad. It’s surely a great addition to any gamer’s arsenal. Let’s take a look at what makes this keyboard so sensational!

Backlight Customization – 3/5 – Although it’s a backlit mechanical keyboard, it’s not the flashiest of them. It’s customizable as far as the keys go, but you won’t be able to do any color categorization of keys or groups of keys. This probably won’t be too much of a hindrance to most gamers, but it can stand out in a negative manner to some.

Accessories – 5/5 – The Azio MGK-1K has an impressive wrist rest that comes with the keyboard. It feels great and is excellent for typing with a wide variety of uses. The thing that really separates this keyboard from the lot, however, is the fact that it doesn’t rattle when attached! You can practically shake the entire keyboard and not here a sound from it!

Plug-ins/Ports – 3/5 – Pretty unimpressive, as far as ports go. One USB 3.0 is present on this keyboard.

Versatility – 5/5 – It’s well-built and made for multiple uses. Rest assured you’ll be able to use the Azio MGK-1K for multiple functionalities. It has a calculator on the keyboard for quick calculations, as well as several different volume and media keys to make your gaming experience more fluid.

Material/Durability – 5/5 – It’s quite durable. At the same time, it also doesn’t weigh that much. It’s the perfect weight/sturdiness combination for a keyboard. The keys themselves are constructed in a broad manner. They seem to be quite durable. We can’t forget about the infamous wrist rest either- it’s made well and doesn’t rattle!

Switch – 4/5 – The Azio MGK-1K is equipped with Kailh Brown key switches. They’re well-made and great for gaming. They are, however, rather loud. This makes everyday use of this keyboard rather difficult.

Redragon K552-R KUMARA Rainbow LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Featured in Black

Redragon K552 R Kumara Rainbow LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Overview – The Redragon K552-R is a fire breather! It’s a great keyboard for the price, which is less than $50. It’s an actual mechanical keyboard, so at this price point, the value is practically unbeatable. It’s a great keyboard for those who are wishing to step into the world of mechanical keyboards but aren’t wanting to spend over $100 on a really nice one. Let’s see what the Redragon K552-R has to show!

Backlight Customization – 1/5 – The backlight isn’t completely customizable; you can change the colors of the rows, but that’s about it. Apart from the color of the entire keyboard, there isn’t much you can do as color changing goes. It’s dubbed “rainbow” backlight, which is different from RGB. This doesn’t add much to help with gaming!

Accessories – 2/5 – There aren’t really any extras that come with the Redragon K552-R. It’s a great keyboard but you might want to consider purchasing a wrist rest with it! It’s small and raised rather high, so you might experience soreness if you don’t’ use it with a wrist rest after a while.

Plug-ins/Ports – 3/5 – Nothing much to talk about here – one audio jack and one USB 3.0 are available for the user.

Versatility – 1/5 – This certainly isn’t the most versatile of gaming keyboards. While it’s a great value, it certainly can’t be used for office work or homework. It doesn’t contain many keys that aren’t specifically for gaming or typing words. It also doesn’t have a number pad. The switches are exceptionally loud and wouldn’t fare well in an office or cubicle setting!

Material/Durability – 5/5 – You’ll be able to type the Redragon K552-R into the ground, without a doubt! While it might not be the fanciest of mechanical keyboards it certainly is hardy! It’s a little heavy, but rather heavy than flimsy!

Switch – 1/5 – This is a huge downside to the Redragon K552-R. While its keys are well constructed and satisfyingly tactile, they don’t have as much actuation force as many of the highly touted switches for gaming. They do the job but can’t compete with competing keyboards that have highly regarded switches such as browns and cherry blues.

HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Featured in Black [ 2018 Model ]

Havit Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

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Overview – The Havit Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard is a fancy edition to have in your computer rig. If you want quality and quantity, this is the keyboard for you; there’s a gaming mouse of equal quality included with the keys!

Backlight Customization – 3/5 – The Havit Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard has a lovely set of backlights. They change colors and patterns. You’ll be able to switch them to different patterns and styles or keep them dimmed to a degree. The keyboard doesn’t, however, have individual key lighting, a huge disadvantage to gamers who want a keyboard that can give them an edge in their games. Its lighting is high-quality but not anything spectacular.

Accessories – 5/5 – How could this area not be given full credit? The Havit Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard comes with a mouse as part of the set. It wouldn’t matter if the mouse wasn’t great, but the mouse works just as well as the keyboard. It even matches the exact color and pattern that you choose from the keyboard!

Plug-ins/Ports – 3/5 – It’s a standard plug and play keyboard. Nothing much to talk about here!

Versatility – 4/5 – The Havit Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard definitely has the ability to be used for multiple purposes. It’s not a mechanical keyboard. For gamers, this might be a flaw. For the everyday user who simply wants a high-quality keyboard, this is perfect! It’ll play well when you game while getting other casual or serious work done.

Material/Durability – 3/5 – It’s not the most durable keyboard; its lifetime is limited to a disappointing 5 million keystrokes. With this being said it’s still constructed of a durable plastic and has hard rubber present on the bottom of it that allows it to stay rooted to where you keep it!

Switch – 0/5 – Nothing much to be said here. This isn’t a mechanical keyboard! This won’t bode well with the majority of gamers who want a keyboard with keys that give major tactile feedback.

Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX Silent Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Red LED, Cherry MX Silent

Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX Silent Mechanical Keyboard Backlit Red LED Cherry MX

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Overview – The Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX is the bomb! You’ll certainly make an explosion in whatever game you play with this excellent mechanical backlit keyboard! It has the switches everyone loves with patented noise reducing technology. It has amazing, customizable backlight that makes any typing or gaming entertaining. It’s extraordinarily customizable and has a USB pass-through port allowing setup of a mouse or headset without taking up a slot in your tower or laptop. Let’s see what else the Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX has to offer!

Backlight Customization – 4/5 – The backlight customization is linear, to say the least; it’s only one color. That’s not to say, however, that it doesn’t look great! It’s available in a wide variety of brightness and patterns designed to make everything about the keyboard look sensational. OF course, the Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX has key-to-key lighting customization, allowing for intense tactical enhancements while you’re playing your games.
Accessories – 0/5 – Nothing much to talk about here! You might want to buy a wrist rest!

Plug-ins/Ports – 3/5 – A standard USB pass through is present, allowing smooth, untampered connection of devices such as a headset or gaming mouse. You’ll also be able to save a USB slot in your tower or laptop.

Versatility – 5/5 – Not only is the Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX equipped with a full range of keys and a number pad, it’s also equipped with super quiet switches. This means that, for once, a mechanical keyboard designed for gaming can be used quietly in a work setting!

Material/Durability – 5/5 – Corsair, as usual, did great with this keyboard! The keys will hold up and so will the body of the keyboard! It’s lightweight and durable.

Switch – 5/5 – The Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX is equipped with a dutiful set of Cherry MX key switches. Although these don’t merit the tactile feel and bump that many gamers today crave, they are deceptively quiet. This poses an advantage in itself; too often are gaming keyboards not able to be used anywhere else because of the typing volume. This isn’t the case with the Corsair Gaming STRAFE MX! You’ll be able to stay up as late as you want, without worrying about waking your family, roommates, or neighbors!

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard

Not Mechanical, For Mac, iPad, iPhone – Silver/Black

Logitech Bluetooth Easy Switch K811 Keyboard

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Overview – Specifically designed for use with a Mac, the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 is a great keyboard to use if you’re on the go! It can be used for games but is best suited for mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and even smartphones. Let’s take a closer look at what this great mobile keyboard has to offer!

Backlight Customization – 1/5 – When it comes to backlight, the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 certainly has it. You’ll be able to easily see what keys you’re typing on in the dark. What it doesn’t have, however, are deep rooted customization controls that allow for easy tactical gaming customization. Then again, it’s not really suited for gaming!

Accessories – 2/5 – It doesn’t come with much, as far as accessories go. It does, however, come with a convenient USB charger that has an Apple product charger on the other end of it! This makes it easily attachable to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It also can attach through a Bluetooth connection.

Plug-ins/Ports – 1/5 – Nothing apart from a micro-USB for charging. It’s not built for a wide amount of accessories. It’s simply built for simple use. There won’t be much you can do with this backlit keyboard!

Versatility – 2/5 – It’s versatile within its Apple niche. With this being said, it’s still confined to a product niche which frankly detracts from its overall versatility. It’s innovative in that it can seamlessly switch between devices that are connected with it via Bluetooth!

Material/Durability – 5/5 – It’s extremely durable, to say the least! You’ll find that it’ll last long and stay charged. The exact material of the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 is industrial grade aluminum. It’s built to be both durable and lightweight.

Switch – 0/5 – There isn’t anything to talk about here since the Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 isn’t a mechanical keyboard! You could potentially use it for gaming, but you’d be rather limited in all that you can do.

EagleTec KG010 Gaming / Industrial / Office LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

104 Key, Featured in Black

EagleTec KG010 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

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Overview – The EagleTec KG010 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard is a versatile mechanical keyboard that has a lot to offer. Its versatility allows for smooth operation in a variety of different environments. It’s equipped with a luminescent backlight that will have you typing in style. It’s durable, splash-proof, and equipped for longevity. Let’s take a closer look at what the EagleTec KG010 Gaming / Industrial / Office Mechanical Keyboard has to offer to the world of gaming!

Backlight Customization – 3/5 – The EagleTec KG010 Gaming / Industrial / Office Mechanical Keyboard doesn’t offer much as far as multicolor customization. Its backlight is blue. The blue can be adjusted in a multitude of different ways, which is actually quite spectacular. The breathing effect of the backlight is quite calming, and one of the many cool ways that this keyboard stands out from the rest of backlight mechanical gaming keyboards! With all of this taken into consideration, it doesn’t possess the ability to customize each key, presenting tactical issues for gamers who prefer to have keys that are individually set up.

Accessories – 0/5 – The EagleTec KG010 Gaming / Industrial / Office Mechanical Keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist rest or any other viable accessories.

Plug-ins/Ports – 3/5 – A USB 3.0 pass-through connection is present, but that’s about all you’ll get. There aren’t any supplemental USB ports or any form of audio-out connection. Sometimes it can be beneficial to have supplemental outputs on your keyboard such as additional USB 3.0’s and audio-out jacks. This especially holds true for those who wish to use a keyboard for programs outside of gaming.

Versatility – 5/5 – The EagleTec KG010 Gaming / Industrial / Office Mechanical Keyboard is touted as an industrial/office keyboard for a reason! It’s built to handle the likes of gamers, programmers, and office-dwellers. You’ll find a huge variety of buttons that’ll suit anyone’s needs on this keyboard. It’s a great all-around keyboard for anyone who wants to type on it!

Material/Durability – 5/5 – This keyboard has a lot to show as far as durability is concerned. With respect to its keys and its build, it’s built to last! The keys of the keyboard are plate mounted, utilizing a metal plate between the key itself and the platform. The body of the keyboard is built with custom-engineered metal. The entire keyboard is encased in a splash guard, making it impervious, for the most part, to spillage. As long as you don’t dump your drink on it, it should fare well!

Switch – 3/5 – The switch itself is not identified by the manufacturer. It’s merely cited as a custom mechanical switch. With this being said, the switches provide excellent feedback and are joys to type on. Since the design of this keyboard is for a variety of different uses, the switches aren’t that loud, either. It’s a great entry level mechanical keyboard that suits a variety of different purposes!

Cooler Master Devastator II – Green LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo


Cooler Master Devastator II Green LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

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Overview – If you’re shopping for an excellent backlit mechanical keyboard for gaming, why not double your fortunes and find one that a) is inexpensive and b) comes with a mouse? With the Cooler Master Devastator II Green LED Gaming Keyboard, you’ll get all of the above and more. It’s an affordable keyboard with a load of high-quality features that certainly make it seem more than what it costs. Let’s take a look at how this killer keyboard/mouse combo holds up for the sake of gaming!

Backlight Customization – 3/5 – The backlight is beautiful. It’s emitted by long-lasting LED bulbs that the manufacturer claims will last for about 10 years. Upon purchasing the keyboard, you’ll have an option between various colors of the backlight. The mouse that comes with this keyboard matches the backlight. The keyboard’s backlight isn’t customizable, however, and doesn’t offer much as far as tactics for gaming go. It’s simply a means of seeing what you’re doing without light.

Accessories – 5/5 – Any keyboard that comes with a mouse is spectacular! It’s also good to know that the mouse works quite well. Its sensor is zippy and it performs up to gaming standards. You’ll save money and have great performance!

Plug-ins/Ports – 2/5 – There is only one USB 2.0 connection on the keyboard. Guess what you’ll most likely put in this connection – the mouse that comes with the keyboard. This detracts from how much use you’ll be able to get from the port.

Versatility – 3/5 – The keyboard’s versatility is moderate. It’s equipped with all the keys present on a normal keyboard, making it usable for office work. Its design, however, certainly makes it a gamer-oriented keyboard. It’s not a poor design by any means, but not a design that your boss would want to see at work!

Material/Durability – 2/5 – The durability is decent, at best. It’s not a true mechanical keyboard; its more or less a membrane-bound keyboard that is designed to look and feel like a mechanical keyboard. With this being said, the fact that it’s not a mechanical keyboard will make its lifetime infinitely longer! Its LED lighting is also guaranteed to last up to ten years.

Switch – 1/5 – There isn’t a switch on the keyboard since it’s more or less a membrane keyboard.

CM Storm QuickFire TK – Limited Edition Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CHERRY MX GREEN Switches and Fully LED

CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Overview – The CM Storm QuickFire TK is fully loaded with an array of brilliant, gamer-friendly features. Although it’s quite expensive, it’s durable, mechanical, and illuminated by a brilliant backlight. Let’s take a closer look at some more of its features!

Backlight Customization – 3/5 – The backlight itself is brilliant. You aren’t however, able to customize it outside of its brightness. You can’t illuminate keys in a way that is tactically advantageous to your gameplay. This is rather disappointing from a keyboard that’s priced over $100!

Accessories – 1/5 – Nothing to talk about here, seeing as there aren’t any accessories that come with the keyboard!

Plug-ins/Ports – 3/5 – The CM Storm QuickFire TK comes with a standard USB pass through connection. It doesn’t have any initial inputs or outputs. You’ll be able to hook a mouse or a headset up, but that’s about it!

Versatility – 3/5 – The keyboard comes with Cherry MX Green switches. This means that the keys will have a tactile feel and clicking feedback. You probably shouldn’t use the CM Storm QuickFire TK outside of a personal setting, unless your office is at your house! With respect to gaming, however, it has a multitude of shortcut keys and a number pad as well. This will make your life easier, both inside and outside of your virtual world.

Material/Durability – 4/5 – The compact design makes it a lot more durable and a lot less breakable. The back of the keyboard has an integrated steel plate for both durability and stability. The switches of the keys have a life span of 50 million strokes. This is quite long-lasting!

Switch – 5/5 – The CM Storm QuickFire TK is equipped with Cherry MX Greens, meaning the keys have higher actuation force. This means that the feedback of the keys is louder and more noticeable while both typing and gaming. When it comes to gaming, this is a desirable trait.

Winner - Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

The Overall Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard 2018

Finally, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to reveal the best backlit mechanical keyboard. While the primary use of a backlit mechanical keyboard seems to be for gaming purposes, the value of a great mechanical keyboard shouldn’t be underestimated for use with other activities. While all of the keyboards on the above list are great purchases for anyone interested in a backlit mechanical keyboard, there can be only one winner!

The best backlit mechanical keyboard 2018 is – The Azio Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (MGK1-K)

Azio Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard MGK1 K

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The Azio MGK1-K is a fantastic keyboard. It trumped the other keyboards on the list due to multiple reasons. Firstly, it was one of three keyboards on the list that came with a detachable wrist rest. It beat out the other two keyboards because their wrist rests were noisy and lacked sturdiness. It also stands out through its value. It’s quite cheap compared to other keyboards on this list with similar features. While it lacks key-to-key backlight customization, its normal backlight is relatively customizable. It’s also significantly more durable than many of the keyboards on this list.

The Razer Blackwidow and the Corsair K70 also fared quite well, as far as how impressive they individually are. They were certainly close runner-ups. With their expensiveness, clunky keys, noisiness, and funky wrist rests, they simply didn’t stand a chance compared to the Azio MGK1. The Azio MGK1 trumped the other keyboards on this list due to its affordability, durability, and accessories available.

Overall, every keyboard listed above is worth buying. Great backlit mechanical keyboards come in many shapes, sizes, and combinations. The truth of the matter is, quite simply, that a keyboard is a crucial component to any gamer’s rig that’s serious about what they do. Even if you work in a position that requires consistent bouts of typing, a great mechanical keyboard can pose many great benefits. The value of an excellent keyboard should never be underestimated.