87 Key TOMOKO Mechanical Keyboard

Tomoko Budge Mechanical Keyboard
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87 Key TOMOKO Mechanical Keyboard

This affordable mechanical keyboard is the ideal gaming keyboard with a water-resistant membrane to protect it from even the worst of spills! The Tomoko keyboard also comes with Blue Switch and Anti-ghosting keys. Bottom line, you’re going to love this keyboard.


Tomoko 87 Key  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Featuring the N-Key roller, this mechanical gaming keyboard has the ability to allow multiple keys to work at the same time without and confliction whatsoever. This will truly change the way you type and improve your gaming experience 10-fold! This budget mechanical keyboard is the ideal product for programmers, typists, gamers, and writers.

When you want that tactile feel from your keys, the Blue switches provide a “click” feedback to improve your keystroke accuracy and speed. Get a competitive edge, and out-perform your steepest of competition. The accurate response of the Tomoko 87 is unlike anything else.

Keystroke test:50 million times, Key force: 60+/-15g, Stroke Travel: 4.0+/-0.2mm

When you want shortcuts, there are none easier than the ones featured on the mechanical keyboard. Some of the most preferred shortcuts include calculator, email, internet browser, play, pause, next and previous song, and many other media controls

Tomoko is known for its quality builds, and this is one of the most durable and best budget mechanical keyboards available. The featured product is made of top grade ABS with a metal base. Sporting a stylish matte black finish with a subtle texture, this keyboard is both solid and durable. Each key is engraved by laser, and will fade with use. There are also drain holes for any liquid that finds it’s way into the keyboard.

Designed with users in mind, the ergonomic feel of cascading keycaps that fit right into your palms reducing keystroke fatigue. While one of the best budget mechanical keyboard products on the market, the Tomoko is only suitable for Windows (version 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista, and others). The quality keyboard has a 12-month worry free warranty.

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TOMOKO 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard, Water-Resistant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switch, Anti-ghosting Keys (Black)


  • Working Voltage: 5.0V DC
  • Interface: USB interface
  • Mechanical Switch Type: Blue Switch
  • Key Force: 60g±15g
  • Key Stroke Travel: 4.0±0.2mm
  • Key Lifespan: 50,000,000 times strokes

Package Included:

  1. 1 – Black Mechanical Keyboard
  2. 1 – Keycap Puller Tool
  3. 1 – Mechanical Keyboard User Manual


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